A kiss from a coward

This piece was inspired by the painting ‘Les Deux saltimbanques’ – Pablo Picasso. I have written it in the perspective of the girl who looks directly at the viewer with sadness in her eyes.

Here I am again; sitting beside another man who has suddenly decided that he no longer desires me. For months he hid behind his sweet letters telling me all those things that a girl wants to read. But like most men, when reality hits they turn on their heels and run.

We met almost a year ago in Toulouse. I was visiting friends while he was holidaying with his family. We spent only a few hours together but it was enough for us to know that we wished to get to know each other better and, from that moment on we have written to one another constantly.

All this time I told myself not to fall in love and I even tried to push the idea away from him. You see, I have been burnt many times before. He however, fought me on every account. He told me that it would take more than my worst habits to put him off. He was right; all it took was a full day in my company.

I can feel his heat through our touching arms. Oh mon amour, arrêtez de me toucher. We are sitting here in awkward silence. Why does he not say something? I know he is frightened but surely if any of the things that he has said before are true then we stand a chance.

I want to leave now. I want to turn my back to him and stop thinking of him. But I can’t. I think I love him and I think he feels the same. He is only scared of how he feels. Emotions are too much for some men.   

He stirs and I can feel his eyes upon me. Must I look at him? There, I’m lost in his eyes. Ah, a kiss. A kiss from a coward.

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