Matchmaking sites have become the way of the future with more and more companies popping up all over cyber space. Each one promises to find you your perfect match and that ‘happy ever after’ that we’re all looking for. But do they work? How many people truly find love on these sites? Or are we just gearing ourselves up for disappointment?

With more people spending their time on their PCs, many of us have resorted to the internet to find love. But the question I ask is, why? Why has it become so easy for us to turn on our home computers than to go out and meet people in the real world?

Many people find it hard to hard to speak to someone that they are attracted to but when they sit in front of their screens all previous inhibitions seem to no longer be an issue. We gain confidence knowing there is no risk of publicly embarrassing ourselves and if the situation is not going as we hoped, all we have to do is turn off the computer and pretend it never happened.

So it would only make sense for us to prefer the internet.

But wouldn’t you agree that with the virtual world we lose some of the excitement? The type that when we stumble into a stranger and make casual conversation, with just a little flirting. You can’t give that wonderful smile its full justice with a webcam.

Put all that aside the biggest concern with the internet is, do we really know who we are chatting to?

It is too easy for people to claim to be someone they are not. Unless marriage/dating sites carry out face to face interviews before new members join, there is no guarantee we can confirm someone’s identity.

Online we are more willing to trust people as the initial risk is minimal. It is only when the relationship develops and we decide that it is time to make first contact do we truly put this trust to a test. For some people this isn’t a problem, they feel that the person they are chatting to is the one for them and now they want to make it official. For others there is the fear that their date won’t show, won’t be who they thought they were or a multitude of other negative scenarios. And then there is the small percentage that forget that their online romance was with an actual person, so when the ‘meet up’ happens it all becomes too real.

A thing to never forget is that when we meet someone from a chat, dating or marriage site, take a friend with us or keep someone informed of our whereabouts. This is for our own safety.

So, we know that internet dating sites are easy to find and use. Meeting people is not an issue, but we can never be too sure on who we are actually talking to, and it is important to always remain safe.

With regards to their success rates, well if truth be told statistics are showing that dating sites are successful. Some sites promise to find you a match within 6 months while others claim that their members date for an average of one year before getting married. 

The taboo on finding love online seems to be lifting as more of us are finding that it does work from time to time. But is it the way of the future? I would like to think that we can still find Mr/Ms right through traditional means. Let us hope that romantic encounters can still happen in this otherwise dot-com world.

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