Male Beauty

You would be hard pushed to find someone who doesn’t want to look good to impress or attract people to them. Most guys go to the gym, wear nice clothes and generally take good care of themselves. We have learnt that in order to get a date for a Saturday night we need to do more than just put on a clean shirt and splash on some aftershave.

Over the last few years guys have become more experimental and open minded in their approach to looking good. Many have no reluctance in playing around with cosmetics to achieve the same look you find in most glossy mags, regardless on whether they know that those are all airbrushed.

Along with this trend cosmetic companies have taken advantage of the situation by providing the male market with exactly what they are looking for. With some guys still bashful over a secret stash of female cosmetics, companies have rebranded their products just for men. For the most part they are very much the same as the female equivalent, using natural tones to cover those unsightly imperfections. However, other products are designed not only to conceal but to protect the skin from such things as shaving cuts.

Whereas a minority of guys would never confess to wearing makeup, for fear of their sexuality being questioned, many have been quite open about it. A number of men I have spoken to have admitted to being happy buying products aimed for women to fulfil their needs. The most popular products are mascara, eyeliner and bronzer.

When asked why they would purchase women’s cosmetics the reason given was that most men were not aware that a male version was available. This is because most men’s make-up companies are based overseas. I also asked the question why buy cosmetics at all? Surely the natural or rugged look would be more appealing. But it turns out that is not always the case. With the trend on what is considered attractive changing all the time, people are currently favouring the smooth, polished, muscular look.

It would appear that most men are happy to wear cosmetics to enhance their natural features as long as it is just that. A stigma is still attached to the subject, that only gay men wear make-up. We know that this is not true and not even all gay men would consider upgrading their lotions and potions for a lip maximising serum.

The reality is that a large number of straight men are wearing make-up, the group of men that consider themselves metro-sexual. That is, for those that don’t know, a straight guy who is, shall we say, in touch with his feminine side. The metro-sexual society is an ever-growing population as more men are becoming open minded and tolerances are widening.

For those of you who are interested in purchasing your cosmetics online all you have to do is search for ‘Men’s make-up’ and you’ll have a list of .com sites to choose from. And remember guys, maybe it’s because we’re worth it too.

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