The Return of the Prince

I have been away far too long and it is suffice to say a lot has happened in the last 5 years. You could read the whole long ordeal of how my health feel apart, people walked in and out of my life leaving wounds as they did and how I struggled to build bridges with those from my past. However it might be more fun for me to tell you these stories bit by bit. To keep you wanting to read more.

To begin with I will tell you that my mental health did fall apart really badly. From an anxiety disorder combined with depression (and all the rest) it took on a whole new ugly form. The worst thing is that I didn’t even notice it taking hold until it had me completely immobilised.

The cleaver little thing.

You will be glad to read that I am on my way to recovery even though we are only at the early stages. It has taken a lot of fighting and even more energy from me to get the help needed.

2 bouts of ‘Time to Talk’ CBT, which wasn’t even worth the hours I put in, brought me to my very knees in desperation.

It is surprising how you can be literally begging for help and no one comes to your aid. Not the people who are supposed to anyway.

Moving on; for those who are interested in my writing, that is still happening. Got a few books out there for download; check it out. More will come in time. One step at a time. I hate proof reading which will probably become apparent from future blogs. Sorry about that.

I have also started to tweet as well. Kasha Khan is getting modern people. It has been nothing of any real note and I still need to get into the habit of it. If you think that there is anything I should know about drop me a line.

So I think that is enough for now. I will aim to write up something more tomorrow.

Until then, take care my dear ones.

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