To My Friend – See You Soon

Okay so in my last post I told you to build relationships up slowly, and I still mean that, however I also told you to follow your gut instincts.

Earlier this year I became friends with someone through work. I helped him out with a few things and got him settled in the UK. We both knew that he was only going to be here temporarily but that didn’t stop us from becoming the best of friends.

Ever met someone and from the first moment gain a bond with them? Well that was how it was. This guy, we will call him LC, was so open with me that I didn’t have any apprehension on doing likewise. Just like any other friend, we hung out, talked and just generally did stuff. Throughout the year LC introduced me to his girlfriend and his mother (who has invited me to come and visit her in France) and he has met the people in my life too.

I guess you can say he is one of those rare people I mentioned in my last post.

So my gut was right, as always.

The trouble I had found myself in was that I knew that LC was going to leave the UK at the end of the year and possibly not come back. Once you have a friend who you class as a keeper you don’t really want to let them go.

LC left yesterday.

It was really emotional for both of us and even though communication is very easy these days with computers and apps and mobiles etc, I don’t think it’s going to be quite the same.

I do have one source of comfort. Something that I tell everyone I meet. Something that is never less true each time I say it either.

People who are meant to be in your life always will be.

They, or you, could move away for months. You could lose contact with them. Forget their real name (only remember the nickname you have given them) and even lose a clear image of what they look like in your mind but when you meet again all of that means nothing.

I have a few friends like that; people that I can pick up again from where we left off. With LC I know that is going to be the same.

Later this month I am off to South Korea where we hope to meet up. After that? Who knows what will happen. So even though LC and I wont see each other for a while I know that it’s not goodbye but see you soon.

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