Power Positive

I have always been a firm believer in that positive thinking can change the world. The way our mind and body works together creating a healing energy is something that has been spoken of long before me. But what is the science behind it and why in this modern age do we find ourselves not taking full advantage of it? In my opinion a lot of our beliefs are enforced by evidence. We as a species have evolved to a stage in which if we cannot prove it then it isn’t real. Changing our life through spiritual and mental growth is often thought by some to be magic and fantasy, but it can’t be the truth right?

For centuries people have looked to religion for the answers and in most cases found them without the need to study the science. Today when we look at some of these thoughts the facts become quite clear. Spiritualist, philosophers and religious scholars have spoken of a number of physics related theories we use today, such as the theory of relativity. So it clearly shows that there is some truth behind it.

The way in which we share positive thinking expands the distances. You need not be in the same room as someone that you love for them to benefit from the energy you are giving them. The same can go for prayer as you are sending out a thought with a healing intention which then travels to the correct recipient.

The proof that such energy exists can bee seen very clearly in the experiments carried out by Masaru Emoto. He took water, exposed it to different words (both written and spoken), music, images and thoughts before freezing it. He then looked at the crystals that were created as a result. As you would have guessed the crystals of the water exposed to ‘Good’ stimulus were beautiful to look at whereas those that were ‘Bad’ were far from it.

You can find some more information about him here; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Masaru_Emoto

If that is what our thoughts can do to water, imagine how they could change us, after all we are made up mostly of water.

Being a long term sufferer of depression I know that my attitudes to how I am feeling also have an impact on me. Spending my days getting on with my life has a better impact on me than spending it in bed. Why? Well I feel that the work I do in helping others has a bounce back response. I give them good vibes which they take on and share with others but at the same time the knowing that I’ve helped someone has lifted my mood too.

It is like a smile.

I dare you to give a smile to a stranger in the street as you walk pass them. I would be really surprised if they don’t smile back even if they don’t know why they are doing it. Then the likeliness is that they too will smile at someone and so the happiness infection is spread. And you never know the impact that that small gesture could have made to that persons life.

What I would like you to take away from this is to remember to try and remain positive even when everyone/thing else is trying to bring you down. How you feel on the inside is what counts and it is what will shape you.

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