Friends International

The great thing about living in the modern age of technology is that communication is easy. There are no barriers or distance between those you want to speak to no matter where in the world they may be. It is for this reason that I would say that I’m privileged to know so many people from around the globe.

Over my many years I had travelled the world and met some amazing people. And the same can be said for many of my other friends who I have met right here in my home town.

A thing that seems to be frightening to some people is the power of conversation with a stranger. More often than not you can get a vibe off of someone if you think they are worth talking to and with that knowledge you should really go ahead and take the plunge. Oddly enough the same doesn’t seem to apply when we are looking for a mate on a night out however I assume that intoxication has a part to play.

I will start a conversation with almost anyone I meet. It can be as simple as a comment on the weather or the wait times at the bus stop. The ice breaker doesn’t seem to matter it is what follows afterwards that does. After that I just let the conversation flow to see where it takes me. If the person is a keeper I soon know about it.

Now of course you need to use your instincts for this one. If it feels unsafe don’t do it.

It has been through this process that I have made friends with people who live all over the world. The amazing thing about this is the stuff I have learnt. Culture, customs, philosophies to name just a few. I have learnt the basics of several languages just by speaking to people.

The world is a big place but it is forever getting smaller as people find it easier to travel and advance in industry. All of which are good things. With this in mind we all have a responsibility to learn about other nations so that we can hold understanding when we meet their citizens.

This is the reason I am proud to say that I am a ‘Friend International,’ a friend to the world and the good people in it.

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