Up and Coming

Going about your daily chores can be boring and tiresome but every so often something breaks up that monotony. Over the last year I have come across a number of such things however none has struck me more than this.

Whilst loitering around in an airport, desperately trying to find a way to occupy my time without spending a fortune, I met a young man named Faizal Samat selling his artwork. It was an unusual place to be located, tucked away from the main shops near the gates although it still managed to catch my attention. After inspecting some of the paintings on display I started up a conversation with this artist. What I discovered was that Samat had been working on his trade for many years. He graduated from a local art school travelled to France for further experience and then took inspiration from his travels around his home country, Malaysia, and those neighbouring it.

He explained that his inspiration came from the natural beauty he saw around him as well as his culture, using the Batik style design found in Malaysia. Samat uses a number of mediums however those that I saw on display were mostly watercolours and acrylics. Over the years Samat has worked with the government on local projects as well as with private groups; notably his work in encouraging the younger generation to be more involved in art.

I am not going to bore you with a long script about how amazing his work is, instead I will let it speak for itself. I myself am a proud owner of two of his pieces that are hanging on my wall as I write.

It could very well be that one day his work will be valued for its true worth and a new legend will have its name, Faizal Samat, up along side the greats such as Picasso, Van Gogh and Da Vinci.

For more information on how his work, please check out the following web pages. If you are interesting in buying some of his work he can ship anywhere in the world with payments made through WesternUnion.

Faizal samat.blogspot.com



Alternatively you can e-mail him on: Email:bonjourmawar@gmail.com

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