Rules – They are not the same for everyone

Have you ever thought about how the same rules or ideas don’t mean the same to different people?

It occurred to me a few weeks back. I was talking to a friend of mine who boasted about the number of women he had recently been intimate with. Granted he was young and as such most men of his age feel that it is a personal achievement to conquer as many heart as they can. However, through my mind the idea of praise was not present. In fact there was no judgement at all rather than an observation of the social situation.

The other men I was gathered around with expressed a number of differing emotions, ranging from jealous to disapproval (due to the lack of number).

Now of course when I speak to this I don’t suggest that all men are the same. This is just a reflection of those I was around at the time.

So as I continued with my observation a thought occurred to me. If this was a group of women the reaction would have been more likely the reverse opposite. The woman doing the bragging could have been considered less respectable or ‘easy’ dropping the value of her in the group.

I then moved on to think about how this would be reflected in the gay community and the attitude would be that they were disgusting and possibly carrying a virus of some kind (most likely HIV/AIDS).

The situation hasn’t changed it is just the people that are involved in it that has.

Discussing this with another friend of my mine at a later date we decided that the reason for this was most likely the meaning that people place on different groups. For example, if I said I was looking to release a flock of pigeons at my wedding you would question why I would want flying rats on my special day. But if I said I would like the release doves then the whole idea has changed. Why? For surely you realise that both are one and the same just with a different name.

As species we like to rename different groups and assign new meaning to them according to our own prejudices. I’m not saying that having multiple sexual partners is right or wrong what I am saying is that the same rule should apply to everyone equally.

When we look at the human race it is clear that we have a long way yet to go in our social evolution but if we can spot our errors and correct them, then we are on the right path.

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