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Sara paced outside alone in the cold dark. Her head was filled with dark conflicting thoughts. Sara: Just leave me alone Sary. I know how I feel. Sary: No you don’t that is why I am here. I tell you … Continue reading

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The Truth

Jason sat opposite Amir on the train home. They had spent the day in the city meeting up with friends and doing some casual shopping. It had been a great day filled with fun and laughter, only now, as the … Continue reading

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Charity Events 2016

I have already planned this year’s charity events; or at least a few of them. There will be two bike rides and a sky dive, all for Islamic relief and Great Ormond Street Hospital. If anyone would like to sponsor … Continue reading

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What A Messed Up Species

Thinking the other day about people got me wondering what it wrong with the human species. Regardless of how you look at it, from a theological perspective or a scientific one, I think we all can agree there are some … Continue reading

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