What A Messed Up Species

Thinking the other day about people got me wondering what it wrong with the human species. Regardless of how you look at it, from a theological perspective or a scientific one, I think we all can agree there are some major faults in our make-up.

Let us look at religion first. It holy texts it states that ‘man’ was not made without flaw and that we are  destined to get it wrong from time to time. What makes us special is that we have the power to see when we are in the wrong and put it right or repent. An interesting idea which gives lots of people peace when they do make mistakes in life; as we all do; however it doesn’t account for all our issues.

Science claims that we are a product of evolution; survival of the fittest, and out of all those that came before us we are the ones that proved to be the best adaptable. Again another interesting thought, but what I don’t understand is that out of all the millions of animals why is it that humans have evolved as they have? Why do we not see bears driving cars or cats in jumpers? Many of these other creatures have had the time to change as we have, so why haven’t they?

Ok, so I’m not trying to disprove one theory over the other. That’s beyond my power. What I am trying to get at is why out of all the wildlife in the world are we, the most flawed of them all, ruling supreme?

You have to think about this, out of all the animals in the world we are the only ones bent on destroying each other, our homes and our relationships. Everything about us is self destructive. The news headlines do not read, ‘Panda’s Burn Down Bamboo Forest and Likely to Starve.’ No, but on more than one occasion we have read, ‘Nuclear Waste Dumped in Lake, Poisoned Drinking Water Supply.’

We spend billions of pounds a year building weapons and fighting vessels so that we can kill other people who want to kill us because we killed their families who killed our families….

Landfill sites team with our waste that in turn pollutes the environment forcing wildlife to die or become infected. Those creatures that do survive move into our urban areas only to be classed as pests that must be killed. Well excuse me, if some ‘superior being’ came into my home, filled it with their rubbish and kicked me out I think I know where I would go.

We as people feel that we have the right to own the land and control everything in it. The meat in our supermarkets has been given disgusting lives before they are tortured and killed. Imagine if that was you knowing perfectly well that you were being farmed to be cut down before you have even lived.

Our life style has created illnesses that have been killing us. We cure one only to create another. And we do this by mistreating our food supply; pesticides, genetic modification and feeding animals things they ought not to be eating.

As we ‘evolve’ we want things now and faster and better and shinier. So we build factories that produce this for us at the cost of our planet. We have scientist who push the boundaries of life with experimentation of cloning and test tube babies and animal experiments. Who gave us the right to play God? The way these scientists act is no better than that of Nazi scientists who used Jewish people they detained in concentration camps. The things they did are beyond thinking about and so are the things that are being done to animals now.

What I don’t get is how can we claim the possession over a piece of land and then are willing to kill others for coming into it. Land doesn’t belong to anyone, it’s just dirt. Then we sit back and watch history repeat itself over and over again. The Spanish Inquisition, World War 2, Palestine.

The human race is destined to fail and I think it should. Over the thousands of years of our existence we have not learnt a single thing and in the end we are going to destroy the planet, the creatures in it and ourselves.

Despite all of this I still hold onto hope, only I believe that we need more than that now.

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