After having a conversation with my family I came to a conclusion on the topic of hate. The heated discussion that was taking place in my living room was between one side of my family whom have strong religious beliefs against the other that have none. The argument that was presented was the religion is a source of evil. It creates divides and fuels wars.

I can understand where this thought has come from seeing as though that in the media all we ever hear is about one group of people killing another with faith as the motivator.

I didn’t stay in the discussion for too long as it was getting a little to intense for my liking but I went away to reflect on it. Later the same week I was talking to some other friends and a similar theme came up again. This time however it wasn’t religion that caused the hate but a birth mark. With one of my friends having a mark on his face suffered ill treatment from some people in his cultural background as they took this as a bad omen.

The same with another friend who is gay and his culture pushed him out because of his orientation.

If you take away these factors from culture, society or ethnic group there would be something else that would come up triggering the need to hate.

My conclusion is that people need someone to point the finger at. There is some deep down need for us to find a social boggy-man or monster that we can collectively push all our negativity towards so that we don’t keep it inside.

I can’t say that it is the right thing to do when individuals or groups are targeted but I can see how some religions use a devil as a form to channel this emotion. As a people we need to find healthy ways to express our emotions as the current way is only causing pain.

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