Is it so difficult to admit that you are lonely? Yes.

When we think of people being lonely we often think of an elderly person who lives on their own and has had all of their children grow up and move out, only to forget them. They spend their days watching TV and ripping up paper just to give themselves something to do while they wait for that last day to pass. We don’t often think of a twenty something person with a full time job working in customer service who greets you every day with a smile on their face.

But that is reality. Loneliness affects us all and it’s not a crime to admit it. We all from time to time feel that we are on our own looking for someone in our lives to talk to. However, there are some of us that feel this pain almost every day.

I admit that I feel lonely most days. Which people would most certainly think odd seeing as though I live with family, my social media network looks like I am having the time of my life and I seldom have a free moment to sit to do nothing. Yet despite all that, I am.

When I get home after work there is no one that I can sit down to talk about the issues of the day; no one to eat with me; and worst of all, no one just to give me a hug for the sake of it. Everyone else in my life, understandably, have things going on in their own life that takes up all of their time.

If it wasn’t for my phone and computer I don’t think I would speak to anyone outside my working hours and it’s not because I don’t try. Unlike some people I will talk to almost anyone. However with my mental illness creating barriers were it can and the lack of opportunities to meet people in a neutral environment without looking like a weirdo, I guess I have become stuck.

On this occasion I don’t really have the answer. I don’t know what will fix this broken link in our community. Maybe it’s something that cannot be fixed so quickly. Maybe we need time to think about this and work out a solution together. I guess just having an initial awareness of the problem can help us see when others are suffering from it, maybe then we can work together to fix it.

The most important thing to remember is loneliness is not how we have always thought it to be. It is more complex but no less serious.

If you have ideas share them and let’s work together.

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