True Minds – A Campaign for better mental health


Some of you may know already that I have started a campaign in the hopes of improving the understanding and support of mental health within the LGBTQ+ community. At the same time I aim to help free us from the stigma attached to it.

Let me begin by telling you why I have chosen to do this. Over the last few years I have spoken to many people in the community and it turns out that most, not all, had experienced some form of mental illness. Now this might not have been a direct result of being LGBTQ+ but it still prevented them from seeking the proper help. Some people accepted mental illness (depression, anxiety etc) as being a part of their alternative sexual identity. Many have said, “it’s just part of being gay.”

That is where they are wrong.

Despite being in an advance culture in which sexual orientation is viewed with less negativity we still have some way to go in order to gain complete equality. Up until the early 90’s in the west it was considered a mental illness to have an alternative sexual identity with some of the most horrific treatments preformed to cure it. Some remnants of those days still linger, after all it was not that long ago. In addition to that we as a people put extra pressures on ourselves (sometimes forced by others) to look a certain way all in the hopes of finding a partner in an ever competitive environment. The results have often led to eating disorders and low self-esteem. The campaign is going to try and tackle all of these issues with the intention of evolving as it goes.

It is an ambitious venture and I am learning as I go (feedback will always be welcomed). However my small team and I are hoping to make positive changes.

If you want to get involved we are conducting a survey to understand where the needs currently are and we have a facebook group to continue the conversation. The facebook group is open to all friends and allies as well.


The links are:



If you also wish to get in touch then email us directly at and we will get back to you promptly.


To all my readers please wish me luck. To you I wish excellent mental health.

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