A Thing To Remember 

This is just a reminder to all. In light of the horrible attacks of terror over that last few weeks it is likely that some people might take out their anger and fruition on a whole community.

When Indira Gandhi stormed the Golden Temple killing Sikh pilgrims and militants we did not say that this was an act by the wider Indian communities.

When Hitler marched European Jews to death camps we did not say that this was an act in the name of Christianity.

When the IRA took to guerrilla warfare in its attempt to claim Northern Ireland back from the British no one said this was Irish Catholicism.

In Burma where the Muslim population are suffering genocide we have not claimed this to be the work of all Buddhist.

And as Israel kills, tortures and tries to wipe out Palestinians from their homeland we do not say that this is the work of all Jews.

It is important for us all to remember that these are the acts of a misguided few. They do not represent everyone and we must work together in stopping them.

If you suspect it, report it. The law is not ours to take into our own hands. And if you happen to be unfortunate enough to be in a place where an attack is going on; Run, Hide and Report.

Please stay safe.

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