Peace in the madness 


Today is the last day of Ramadan which means tomorrow is Eid, God willing. It is important to remember that the last 10 days of Ramadan hold an extra special meaning and to pray on the odd nights gives you the opportunity to be forgiven for previous sins.

This year during this holy month it saddens me to say that some people have not embraced the idea of peace furthering hate in our community. However I am not going to dwell on that in this blogg (I think the news does enough of that for us). Instead I want to share with you the moments of quite pray and reflections that I observed.

Above is a picture of my garden. In the evenings after I broke my fast, recited one of my daily prayers and changed into more comfortable clothing I took the the garden to remember God and the gifts he has given us.

To set the scene let me describe to you what it was like on one of those nights.

The air was filled with the sweet perfume of summer rose and jasmine that was carried in the soft cool breeze. There was still some heat lingering from the day as the birds sang their bedtime song. A gentle babble from the pond joined the birds chorus while the cat’s bells jingled as they walked. I lay on the cushioned porch swing rocking as I counted by devotion on a tally. In this moment of quite and solitude I forgot about all the anger, hate and crime in the world. I was allowed to be at one with my surroundings embracing the peace that it offered. In my own little space I was safe and the madness of the world was non-existent.

Whether you are of faith or not I think we can all enjoy moments like this in our lives. A time we can either engage in silent prayer, reflection or meditation. It doesn’t take much to find time and a place, so I strongly recommend it.

Please tell me about it when you do.

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