The Man in the Mirror

WARNING – there may be some upsetting images. 
For my regular readers you will know that animal and planet welfare is something I am passionate about. And even though I don’t want to make it regular complaint I did want to share with you my feelings on some of the events I have become aware of.

We in the western countries feel privileged or better educated than some other countries in our moral stance on animal rights. Together we campaign against the Yulin dog meat festival, bear bile farms, the ivory trade and a host of other acts of cruelty.

Inspite of this in the last year the following animals have become extinct

Northern White Rhino 

Amur Leopard (30 considered left in the wild)

South China Tiger


Hawaiian Crow

Javan Rhinos

These animals have gone due to human action. In the coming years many more are likely to disappear as well, animals such as the vaquita. This small marine porpoise was only discovered in 1958 and already it is almost wiped out. 


But it must be said that we in the west are not blameless. We speak in out rage on how animals are treated in Asian and Africa. How they are abused and butchered. However we have failed to look at the way we treat animals in our own countries. In Britain, despite the ban, fox hunting is still rife along with cock and dog fights. Creatures are put against each other to see which one would tear the other apart first. 


Our meat industry is a thing of horror stories. If we look at chicken farms where life from egg to store is just a conveyer belt journey, we see the animals that are pumped up full of growth hormones that they cannot support their own weight. Other livestock see a similar fate by being force fed, caged and killed at young ages.


Beyond our consumption needs we test on animals chemicals we wouldn’t dare try on humans. One such incident told of a mother chimp that had each of her children taken away for testing. The last one she clung on to for dear life knowing what would happen and didn’t want to lose her child.


Then we have our classic hypocrites that travel overseas to hunt and kill animals in the wild the name of sport and trophy. I cannot believe that to shoot down a defenceless animal is a sport.


And finally we have our celebrated public figures that dress themselves in furs paid by their fans.

We need to change the way we think and act. We need to change how we treat our animals. And most of all we need to change how we treat people that commit such crimes.

This world is for everyone but humans are killing it.


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