10 Facts of kindness 

1. Free. No cost to those who spread it or get it.

2. Self replenishing. It will never run out no matter how much you give.

3. Feels good. That one explains itself I think.

4. Contagious. Like a virus it spreads about quickly but unlike a virus no damage is done.

5. Simple. No need to be fancy, a smile can be just prefect.

6. Quick. Not alot of time is required. It can be as quick as a hug or as long as… well however long you like really.

7. Anyone can do it. Another one that explains itself. 

8. Universal. Can be done all over the world without need for translation.

9. No training required. Just do to others as you would like them to do to you.

10. No time restraint. You can start now. So get on and do it.
Much love xxx

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