Changing my Medication – Week 2

This post comes a little later than I’d like but for good reason which I’ll explain as I go on.

To update you on my journey so far I have been reducing my current meds, Prozac, until I am off them completely. After which I will start on a new drug. Over the last week I have gone down to only 1 pill, 20mg, a day from the previous week of 2 pills, 40mg, a day.

So you are wondering how have I been feeling with this change and if it has had any major impact. Well yes it has and I could feel better.

You thought I was gonna say no, didn’t you?

The first few days my anxiety levels were stupid high. I was having attacks during my sleep where my dreams seemed so real that I believed them to be true. My body then became weak. I’m sure that was the result of the increased anxiety, lack of sleep as well as a reduced desire to eat.

After the initial few days of that I was able to push my way through and get on with things as normal. Well as normal as can be.

What I have noticed is that my intrusive thoughts have been creeping in stronger again. My OCD behaviours and depression have started to grab me when they can. All of which is making me feel like a complete failure on life.

At the moment I am off Prozac all together. The results I’ll tell you about next week. What I will share with you now is that the last 4 days have been very hard. Emotionally and physically (I ended up with a bad stomach bug that has knocked me useless).

Anyway onwards and upwards. Until next time.

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