On The Radio Air Ways

Yesterday I was invited to join the cast of BBC Radio 5 Live Drive to talk about obsessive compulsive disorder. It was my first time ever on the Radio so my nerves were high and I think I rambled a little as a result.

The sports station was covering the topic due to a short film (link below) on a woman, Gemma, that uses body building to cope with her condition. There is also a video with Colson Smith (link below), who I’m sure you remember from a previous post. He talks about how he hopes his character on ‘Coronation Street’ will help others.

During the 20 minute talk we hear from several OCD suffers, along with my fellow guest Skye Bagshaw, as well as leading Professor on the subject, Prof. Paul Salkovskis.

Even for me I found the testimonies very emotional as well as enlightening. Two individuals also mentioned how they named the intrusive thoughts which helped them recognise them as not their own desires or wants. Something I might try myself.

I do recommend a wee listen to the show and if you would be so kind as to give me feed back on it I would love that.

For the broadcast the talk start at 2:35:45.




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One Response to On The Radio Air Ways

  1. summerSHINES says:

    Congrats hun! Really proud of you xx

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