About Me

Dear readers,

Before I start my journey into the world of blogging, I thought I’d introduce myself first and tell you a little about my goals.

I’m a 30 year old Scottish-Asian now living in the southeast of England. I left school early and started studying music and drama with the hope of one day making it into the lime light but that hasn’t happened yet. So, I started writing as a way to get all that creative energy that was building up inside out.

I started off writing novels at the age of 20, just because I had nothing to do with my time. The work on my novels started off as a little idea that I wanted to put on paper, so I wouldn’t forget it. From there on my love of writing grew.

For me it wasn’t a huge step as I’ve always loved art in all its forms. From theatre to paintings, poetry to epic novels, and I’ve dabbled in each myself. It’s all about expressing yourself and that is the main thing I believe in.

With my blog it’s my aim to write about absolutely everything. I am known not to hold back my opinions and I will not do so here. I’m also known to be controversial and I am more than willing to discuss topics that others won’t, but only if I feel that they are justified.

Well I think that’s enough of me yattering on. I’ll try and get my first article out as soon as possible and if anyone has an issue that they would like me to cover, feel free to drop me a line.

Until then happy reading,

With love


S.N. All works posted on this blog have been edited and proofread by Miss Pamela McLean; a dear friend with a fantastic career ahead of her.


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