Show Me Your Brave

The other day I was talking to a friend of mine about wanting to be more involved in the campaign for better mental health in the UK. As both of us suffer to mental health concerns I felt that it was something that we could both do together.

It’s worth noting that I have only met this guy a few months ago and already I feel we are good friends. He has openly shared details of his life and health with me as I have with him.

So I suggested that he join my ‘team,’ the one that I am hoping to start, as a form of encouragement to both of us. What he said was that even though he admired my commitment he didn’t have the courage to do it himself.

In honesty, I replied that it was completely nonsense and that he had more courage than he thought. In fact I believe that he is really brave.

Courage doesn’t need to come in the form of soldiers fighting in war or knights slaving dragons. It can be in the humblest of things. Standing up to a bully for instance, speaking up in a crowd when you know that your opinion goes against the mass majority. To tackle any fear you have takes courage and no matter how big or small it may appear to other people, it is still worth the same amount to you.

My friend has been fighting depression for over a year. He has not shrunk away from the demon that haunts him but has acknowledged it. He has sought help for it, he speaks about it and he continues to live his life despite of it.

I would never ask him to push himself out of his comfort zone, not until he is ready, however I am not going to let him think he is not brave.

What I will say to all of you is that fear is a trick of the mind. It comes from our instinct of fight or flight. Do we tackle the issue head on or do we run away to regroup. Both options are equally good choices; however you can’t run away from a problem forever, it always finds a way back. The best decision is to gather up your strength, armour and confidence (all of which can come from knowledge, support and understanding) then fight.

We all have courage in ourselves.

Tell me when is it time for you to show us your brave?

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